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Quick Start
The following is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Doozer. It includes very little detail and assumes that you as a user of the Doozer system know enough about makefiles to follow along easily. For more detail, read the Getting Started page.
  1. Copy /home/vr/apps/mk/Makefile.template to your application source directory and name it Makefile.
  2. Open Makefile in a text editor.
  3. Set a value for $(APP_NAME) that names your application binary.
  4. Set any extra compiler flags you need to compile your application's object files.
  5. List your source files (but not headers) in the $(SRCS) variable.
  6. List any extra third-party libraries needed to link your application in $(EXTRA_LIBS) making sure to use absolute paths whenever the library path is extended.
  7. List any system libraries in $(EXTRA_SYS_LIBS).
  8. List any directories besides the source direcotry where source files to be compiled are found.
  9. Pick a Doozer application .mk file to include from the list of files.
  10. Include any additional ``add-on'' .mk files from the second list for additional functionality.
  11. Run GNU make (gmake on the VRAC IRIX workstations).

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