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Doozer is a cross-platform build system used for compiling and linking 3D graphics applications including, but not limited to, those written using VR Juggler on the VRAC workstations and PCs. It is named after the characters on the television show Fraggle Rock who were constantly building structures that the Fraggles subsequently ate. The underlying architecture is built upon the GNU version of the well-known make utility. (Note that Doozer requires GNU make version 3.78.1 or newer. This is the version installed on the VRAC IRIX workstations.) Because it is based on this version of make, the makefiles can be used on any platform supported by GNU make.
Doozer was designed by Patrick Hartling and Kevin Meinert in June 2000 in response to the typical VRAC programmer's growing need for a common VR Juggler application build system. In particular, the creation of the Performer Switcher application brought that need to a head as it became obvious that trying to combine the applications of several distinct projects into one encompassing program would be far too difficult without a common build system. It was also clear that too many people were copying makefiles from the Juggler sample programs and trying to adapt them to their own needs. It has since been generalized so that it is useful for applications that are not based on VR Juggler.
Thus, the primary design goal was to offload the complexities of writing makefiles from the users who could better spend their time writing their applications. By using Doozer, a programmer can simply provide settings for several variables that Doozer then uses to compile the application binary. The aspects of the makefiles that are repeated over and over are hidden inside Doozer while the unique factors are left up to the programmer to complete.

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